Campaign Rules

Adventurers – welcome to Adventures in the Gnome Realms.

Adventures in the Gnome Realms is hosted and managed by the GM’s and staff of Gnome Games and utilizes the Wizards of the Coast™ 4th Edition Dungeon and Dragons™ rules. The campaign progresses weekly with the adventurers directly influencing the course of local history with their actions, decisions and interactions within the campaign world. Our goal is to provide a story based interactive adventuring opportunity for the D&D players at Gnome Games.

Base Sourcebooks: The allowable books for player character resources for the Gnome Realms are the D&D Essentials Books and the Red Box Set.More books from the essentials line will be added as the campaign progresses and special access to other 4E resources through in game play and experience.

Character Creation:
Characters are created utilizing any of the methods for generating ability scores in the Rules Compendium pg 77 – 78.If a player chooses to utilize method 3 (rolling scores) they are limited
to one witnessed roll per session. All rolls must be witnessed by a Gnome Games™ staff member.

The D&D Character Builder may be used, however only options available in the Campaign Base Sourcebooks are allowable.

Characters must start at 0 XP (1st level) and may choose any of the races, classes, powers and skills in the Red Box and Heroes of the Fallen Lands. Additional access to different classes, powers and skills will be earned through in game play and at the table role-playing. Our goal is to make it fun for all players and the more you interact in a positive way – the more cool options you will gain access to.

Characters may select a patron deity from the following list as part of their creation, or they may choose to be agnostic. All deity information is referenced in the Red Box and the D&D Essentials.

The deities available to the PC’s are:



Areas of Influence



Change, Luck, Trade, Travel



Justice, Honor, Nobility, Protection



Arcane Magic, Spring, Beauty, The Arts



Civilization, Inventions, Laws



Knowledge, Prophesy, Skill



Storms, Strength, Battle



Wilderness, Sea


Lawful Good

Creation, Artisans, Family



Sun, Summer, Agriculture, Time

The Raven Queen


Death, Fate, Winter



Trickery, Moon, Love, Autumn

Player Characters without a patron deity may have significant challenges being brought back to life should they fall in combat.

Equipment:As part of character creation and play players will need to purchase and maintain an accurate record of the equipment that your character has. If you don’t have it written down and noted where you got it from, your character does not have it. Additionally we will be using a ‘common sense’ encumbrance rule – if the GM at the table feels you are carrying too much, they have the option of asking you to list quickly what you have with you on the particular adventure on a separate sheet of paper as an extract from your character sheet.

This prevents a character from carrying 2 swords, 2 axes, a long bow, a pole-arm, a backpack
filled with adventuring gear, an extra suit of chainmail, and a kitchen sink.

Characters also have the option at the start of each adventure to annotate which gear they ‘left at home’. All gear ‘left at home’ is assumed to be safe for the duration of the adventure unless some special circumstances the character has created previously is in effect.

Character Progression:

1st Level – any character may change ANY of their selected class, race, skills, powers etc. between adventures until they have reached 2nd level. We want players to enjoy playing their characters and by allowing this we encourage players to explore options available to them to have fun playing their character. After reaching 2nd level a character may not ‘retool’ and all future decisions made are final.

3rd Level – Before reaching 3rd level all characters must register by turning in a copy of their character including a basic history / background of their character. Characters should be registered via email to Failure to turn in a character will result in freezing XP for 1 adventure. After that adventure the PC may not be played again until a character background is turned in.

5th Level – Before reaching 5th level all characters must provide a family history via

Gnome Games GM’s will use character backgrounds for future adventure hooks, interactions and inclusion to make the storyline as much fun as possible for all of the players.

<u>Adventuring in the Gnome Realms</u>

Encounters – There are NO TIERED ENCOUNTERS in the Gnome Realms.
Monsters are what monsters are. Some are big and nasty and love to eat adventurers. That is probably why they are still big and nasty. A party of inexperienced adventurers that enters a big nasty monsters lair should expect to become lunch.

Adventuring intelligently, investigating and gaining experience all are part of the successful adventuring life-style.

Characters must adventure in groups of 4 – 6 PC’s within 3 levels of each other. For example a
party may contain members of 2, 4,5 level , but may not include a lvl 6 or 1 PC. GM’s may make the exception for 1 PC at a table, but the PC that is outside the 3 level limit will receive less experience than all of the other party members.

Treasure – There will be unique treasure in found and earned in the Gnome Realms.All treasure must be split at the table. Magic Items may be part of the treasure, however what is magic and what is not is not always immediately discernable. PC’s must investigate their items to discover what their powers are; pay or use skills and powers to have them analyzed etc.

Certificates – There will be certificates for items, treasure, contacts, etc. for players. Each player is responsible for keeping these, listing them on the Gnome Realms PC Adventure Log and showing their Log to the GM at the start of every adventure. Lost Certificates are lost. Consider them stolen by the ‘Dark of Night’ and non-recoverable.

Player Knowledge vs PC Knowledge – we want all players to have fun. Players that share information that characters should not have knowledge of may be dealt with summarily. Yes, a strike of energy fries your brain leaving you looking like a toasted marshmallow with the holy symbol of Erathris may be your fate if you break this rule. Meta-gaming may be dealt with very harshly at the sole discretion of the Head Gnome. This doesn’t mean that your characters can’t
talk, be friends etc., but dead folks don’t share secrets.

For example it is really hard to tell anyone what happened when your bones are inside dragon fumets, so should your entire party perish, noone knows about the vile creature or trap that killed you

Adventures – We will not be re-running adventures after the timeline progresses. Players may not play in the same adventure more than once. Since we will run an adventure every Friday and Sunday everyone should be able to participate. Should you not be able to adventure, your character is considered to be busy with personal responsibilities and obligations.

Campaign News, questions and information will be posted here – on the Obsidian Portal Gnome Realms site

Campaign Rules

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